Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Picture

I put this picture of me in because I wanted it for my profile and I needed to have it published on a website to put it in my profile, so I published it in mine. I was 26 weeks and 4 days pregnant when this pictures was taken and although you can't see, I WAS HUGE! I gained a total of 60lbs during my pregnancy. I started as a size 4/6 and I was 135 lbs at 5'4....I ended up being 195! My baby was a whopping 7lb 14.5oz (ha ha)....I don't know where all the weight came from but I guess she needed it cuz I'm back down to an 8 almost a 6 and I'm almost down to 140! This is my incentive for working out. So far I have 2 days in a row. I'm on a roll! My hair is a lot blonder now than in this picture, my husband begged for 4 years for me to go blond (I was blond when I was younger) so I finally caved to the pressure.

It's 8:11 and my baby isn't up yet even though the dogs all over the neighborhood are doing there best to wake her with their barking for some reason. She went to sleep at 825 but she woke up this morning sometime between 4-5 and wouldn't go back to sleep. After nursing her and singing to her I put her back down to cry...then, as I lay in bed I remembered I didn't check her diaper and for some reason lately she has had very wet diapers in the middle of the night SO I went back in, changed her diaper, read 2 books and sang our songs. She cried after I left but drifted off to sleep within 10 min. If only I had thought about her diaper when I went in an hour earlier...

I'm surprised she's still out but not complaining. I hear the occasional bit of talking but then back to silence.

Well, I am hungry, still in my's actually chilly in here and I don't want to change out of my warm pj's....I should've laid back down to catch a few more zzzz's but once i get on the computer I can hardly pull myself away.

Oh well, cya later.

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