Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is that the sun?

It seems like forever since the sun has been out I forgot what a sunny day looks like. I'm not complaining....we needed the rain and we live were it is perpetually sunny so it was nice for a few days I guess...

Baby girl almost went down for a second nap and then daddy came home and all was lost. That's ok, I suppose...she hasn't been taking a second nap for the last few days and right now she is rolling and throwing the volleyballs, her pink ball and the softball all over and having a blast.

I made her 15 month doctor appointment today. It's still over a month away but I can remember those first few. She was so tiny and my hubby had to come along to help me because I was not sure what the heck I was doing. Now her and I are sidekicks. I can handle anything she throws my way, and vice-versa! How funny that in my world 15 months in nothing but to her it's been her whole life (not counting the 9 in my belly ;-)

I got all the laundry put away and the dishes are all done. Why did this all seem so hard 2 weeks ago? I think I might exercise now. I didn't yesterday but I still have a chance to make it 6 times this week.....here I go...........

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