Thursday, October 20, 2005

Excuse me ma'am, do you have the time?

It's 12:50am...I'm sitting here in the living room watching Baby Bach with my little remember her runny nose from the other day...well it has turned her into a fussy, runny faucet nose, sneezy baby....Since yesterday, or uh, today or um, WEDNESDAY (whenever that was) I've been giving her Tylenol Cold and has an antihistimine. Well, that's all well and good for the most part that she except slept from 830pm until now, and now she is WIDE AWAKE...well, actually, it's more like she's tired but can't sleep. We laid down in the bed in her room and she rolled around and sat finally I decided it was making me more sleepy to lay down so here I am...I just gave her some more tylenol cold and cough...hopefully buying another 4 hours or so of sleep until morning. Baby Bach (in the Baby Einstein Collection) is very calm and I find it really calms her down.

She really is so cute. Her little cheeks are red and she's got to best little disposition. She tries so hard to be as happy as she can be. Tonight my oldest daughter and I were sitting at the table. I was trying to get the baby to eat something and my oldest was doing her math homework (when I was her age, 11 in the 6th grade, this stuff was College Math). The baby was fussy and didn't want to eat so I, jokingly, said in a whiny voice "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNTTTTTT"....I didn't even really raise my voice, except for emphasis.......OH MY WORD, my little one's face got all scrunched up as she inhaled to let out the most pathetic cry...she almost couldn't get any sound out....her forehead began to get splotchy and HUGE tears welled up in her eyes....I think, for the first time, her feelings were hurt....I couldn't get her out of the high chair fast enough. My oldest daughter and I nearly began crying ourselves. I kept saying, "mommy was just being silly, Mommy's not mad, Mommy's so sorry"....I was patting her on the back and my other daughter came around and began to pat her on her back....she was whimpering a little, and then...the baby began to pat ME on the back. What a cutie....

well, it's been about 15 min since i gave her the medicine. Hopefully another 15-20 and she'll be out. Man oh man, tomorrow should be fun. It's all about mental attitude. I'll have a great day tomorrow, right?

Oh well, I'll keep you updated...I just ask for prayers that my little one can get the rest she needs. I don't know if this Tylenol is a blessing or a curse, but I think I'll skip it tomorrow and just give her the Ibuprofen Cold medicine that doesn't make her sleepy.

Thanks everyone, Good night, or morning or....well, whatever

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