Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Country Girl at Heart

Ok, I should go to bed but I have this one last post I've been thinking about writing.

I was born in Lancaster, PA...I lived in Elizabethtown, PA the first 4 years of my life. Then we moved to Virginia where over the next 19 years we lived in Middleburg, Hume (Front Royal area), Manassas and Lynchburg. (since then I have moved several more times, I am not 23 anymore). I have two older brothers(stick with me, it will all come together in a minute). My oldest brother has always been into rap and r&b music and I idolized him. He was 7 years older than me so for the most part that is the kind of music I liked and still like. My other brother is a REDNECK. He worked at the country Radio Station in Lynchburg. For awhile I listened to country music but then I went back to what I'd always listened to.

Now, in our house it is nothing but Christian Music. Any type of Christian is welcome...rap, hip hop, r&B, rock, hard rock, pop, contemporary, gospel, hymns, praise and worship, we listen to it all (See my Favorite Music on my profile page).

Well, my hubby came home from the office the other day with the Montgomery Gentry CD and played a song for me called "If You Ever Stopped Loving Me" and we've claimed it as ours. Now, I have gone and found a million old country songs I use to listen to and I've already made a CD. (From around 1993-1995 or so) I love it. I admit it, I love it.

Ok, now I've said it...it's been on my mind all day as I was singing Martina McBride, John Michael Montgomery, Vince Gill, Faith Hill and even some Garth....I really am just a country girl at heart.

NOW I'M GOING TO BED....Thank you!

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Robin said...

Me Too! The only problem is that Terry can't stand country. I swore when I was single, that I would never marry a man who didn't like country or two-step. Terry won't even dance. Oh well--I did hit the jackpot every where else!